Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Well as the title says I have been really slack updating the blog I will post a heap of pictures in the next few days... We have got a heap done since my last post in August. We have got the body on the frame done a heap more wiring put the lights on got the exhaust made, put all front end together and heaps more which you will see from the photos...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Engine/Tranny In, Anti Roll Bar Fitted, Wiring Started

Well we have been abit slack on the blog front but it has been all go in the shed. We have mounted the engine after a long battle trying to find the correct engine mounts, We have also bolted the tranny up yet to find a mount for it, as it comes from a Ford Sierra (hard to find in Aus)... Putting the engine in was alittle tricky then we thought we tired to put it in with the gearbox attached which didn't work so we unbolted it and put the gearbox in first then put the engine in then slid the gearbox up to mate with the engine.
engine mounted
engine mounted
We next put the anti roll bar in which was a mission of trail and error as we still hadn't got the manual, when the manual arrived it all went it pretty easily.
anti roll bar
anti roll bar
Anti Roll Bar Links
We are now up to the wiring which we have just started putting in...

We have also been busy ordering parts we have ordered wheel and tyres (Superlites on Toyo R888 semi slicks) and lots of other little parts which you will see posted in the future...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Engine, Tranny and Diff Arrived

Well we just picked up the Engine, Tranny and Diff from Eurospeed in Brisbane cant save enough about how great they have been... Also we have changed from just a normal LSD to a Quaife ATB... Anyways here are some pictures of the gear.

Diff - Quaife ATBDiffEnginePhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Its Arrived!!!

Well its finally here... I have added a few photos just of the chassis as I packed the body up to protect it before I got around to take a few photos... Everything arrived just perfectly just a few little things missing but that is sorted out...

ChassiContour dashFront EndRear endPedal boxfront end

Friday, July 10, 2009

Car On The Way

Just a little update. The car has left Westfield in Perth and is currently in transit on its way to Brisbane... At home we have just been preparing the shed, made some stands to sit the chassis on... Still waiting on the raceline sump to come from the UK, that should arrive next week so if all goes well we should be picking up the engine, gearbox and diff in next two weeks... Will start uploading pictures as soon as the chassis arrives.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Start

Well this is the first post so I will give you some background information. Basicly we (my dad and I) are building a UK Westfield SEiW kit car. We original had ordered a PRB but due to the long delivery time we changed car choice to the UK Westfield. Being from Brisbane Austraila we have been dealing with the Queensland agent for both Westfield and PRB who has been very helpful.

What the kit consisted of:

- Base kit

Front Suspension/braking components
- AVO shocks
- Widetrack front-end, inc anti-roll bar
- Uprights and hubs
- Upgraded Ap Racing cailpers, vented rotors and pads
- Ball-joint kit
- Bias pedal box

- Columm
- Quick rack
- Tie rod ends

Rear Suspension/braking components
- AVO shocks
- Hubs

Fuel System
- Drop tank
- Internal surge tank
- Race filler cap
- Venting valve
- All fittings

- Duratec body loom
- Switch kit (wiper, washer, hazard, etc)
- ADR lighting kit (headlights, taillights, etc)
- Battery kit (battery, box and leads)

Body Fittings/seats
- Detachable rear arches
- V8 bonnet
- CAMS rollbar
- Handbrake lever and cables
- Bodyfitting kit
- Inertia seat belts (Only for RWC will have harnesses)
- Number plate carrier
- Westfield grill

- Powdercoated frame
- Heated windscreen
- 3 mirrors
- Wiper system kit

Cooling system
- Exp tank, cap bracket
- Lightweight radiator
- Radiator fan
- Stainless fan mount

Trim Options
- Contoured dash and crash pad, trimmed
- Carbon fiber stonegaurds

Enigne / Gearbox / Diff

2.3L Duratec vct
- Modified timing cover
- Remote oil filter mount
- Raceline wet sump
- Balance shaft delete kit
- EGR blank off plate
- Starter motor
- LH lower small alternator kit
- Accelerator cable kit
- Pipercross airfilter kit
- Manifold
- Throttle bodies
- Trumpets
- Water rail
- Flywheel and clutch kit (option 1)
- Billet fuel rail
- Custom engine harness
- Haltech E8 Computer and senors

Ford Type 9 Gearbox
- Option 5 T9 gearbox
* New V6 c/ratio input shaft & complete cluster shaft
* Ratios 1st3.36 2nd 1.81 3rd 1.26 4th 1.00 5th .825
* 5 x new synchros (original Ford)
* 3 x new 3rd/4th synchro blocker bars (original Ford)
* New heavy duty long needle rollers on layshaft
* All new bearings (original Ford)
* All new gaskets
* All new seals
* Hot tanked and painted – main case & top lid
* Hot tanked and hydro blasted – ext. housing & sandwich plate
* All other parts hot tanked
- Bellhousing Kit
- Quickshift 12mm
- Billet gear knob

Ford Sierra LSD
- 3.9:1 Sierra IRS Diff LSD
- Hot tanked and hydro blasted main case and rear cover
- Hot tanked and hydro blasted flanges
- All other parts hot tanked
- All new Timken bearings
- New pinion seal and orings
- New pinion spacer